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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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among those users. i have no immediate solution, but i would urge within existing resources we need to do a lot more education and some more enforcement. this is a public health issue. this is a safety issue. this is, too often, however record, a matter of life and death. thank you. [applause] >> could we have paul and [unintelligible] marcia [unintelligible] gail [unintelligible] and bill [unintelligible] do you want to line up?
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>> hello, i live in district 2. my question regards muni service. first of all, surprisingly, i would like to compliment you. i have no complaints on the service. i use it quite often. my concern is the north south subway. i support the subway and i think it is time for people who live in those directions to have speedy transportation. my concern in question is -- the most congested section is between columbus and the beginning of the stockton tunnel. i have sat on buses for as long as 30 minutes to go those few blocks. my concern is that all of a sudden i noticed that the station that was supposed to be washington square is no longer advertised and i am wondering if that section will be included in
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the tunnel. is that a question that you could answer now? >> thank you. i am with the asset mta. the current plan for the central subway calls for the northernmost station to be on stockton at washington street, however there are potential possibilities for extending the subway through the north into washington square and even beyond, into north beach sunday. those will be studied further, but subject of course to available funding in the future. >> i understand the funding problems, but i would like you to consider these most congested sections. >> we are aware of that. in addition to the central subway service, we will also be beefing up the 47 and 35.
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>> good evening, mayor, supervisors. i am a resident of north beach and executive director of the community housing partnership. i am here to talk about two neighborhood issues that are not that connected. one is about transportation. as someone who commutes daily, those of us who work in the downtown street corridor had been saddened by a loss of bosses down columbus. it is a congested corridor of stockton street following the 45 and the 30. in the early hours of the morning, four or five buses are logjamed.
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the other thing i want to address is housing. many people touched on topics today. homelessness, housing for the work force. many of my friends and colleagues work here but find it hard to live here. there are two proposals coming before the board that could change that. i asked the you consider the deal as a pathway to housing obligation that could create more supportable and affordable housing in san francisco. the plan that they have proposed is not their full obligation. i urge you to reject 65 million and push for more in the housing trust fund. in a district that has a lot -- highest amount of renters, the last thing we need are condos priced at $2.4 million. the average household would need
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to earn $1.6 million to afford the lowest priced condo in this development. my friends who are bartenders, waitresses, cooks in restaurants, they need housing for their work force. i would ask the members of the board of supervisors and the mayor to look at these proposals and do what is best for the district. thank you. [applause] >> district 3, ernestine, bernard, and leona.
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>> hello, my name is marta. thank you for the opportunity to speak. i live in district 3. i want to know why the central freeway and subway stops -- stops at stockton in washington. it is crucial that it reaches at least north beach and, moreover, fisherman's wharf. these are very congested areas. it is a very gigantic project with an enormous amount of money invested in it. i know that it has been an enormous disruption to the city, to do that for seven blocks worth of line is almost a waste of money. i would like people to seriously
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consider extending it at least two north beach in washington square. thank you. >> good evening, mr. mayor, and everyone. my name is ernestine. district 3 and the financial district is the densest part of the city and needs attention. rec and park wastes lighting that does not work. this creates crime and does not serve the needs of the people. no. 2, the cut in rocks that are $40,000 and serve no purpose whatsoever. the muni is losing theirs. i am on the muni trying to check that. they have not enough enforcement. so, what where is the budget? we are not having money because
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it is wasted. poor kid should be helped, but not the rich. paying for the rich and the poor? that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of. and the name needs to be restored to ferry park. when the peter pan to replace i recommended that they advertise it and this is a place that generates money for the whole city. that is the port, the financial was trick. the giants in "-- the giants in america's cup, and so forth. if we do not educate the people here, training them, we will not have an economy, which is
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important. my kids had to go to private school 25 years ago, and the situation is worse today. we have to outsource jobs to other countries, india, china, israel, which is unacceptable. we do not have family housing because where i live in the golden gateway center it is filled with corporations and hotels. where are the laws that prevent that? this was originally a project that said it was the middle class people, however they get around to passthroughs and electrical, anything. anything the land board wants, they pass through. electrical was supposed to be included? forget it.
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i learned that a contract is valid in business school, but it is not in this city. city fathers say it does not matter if you have a contract or not. muni, the number one thing i told them at the meeting when ed first came aboard, you have got to get rid of cars off the street. it is not a matter of lanes, it is a matter of cars. portland, oregon has it, and we are behind the wheel, asleep. that is the way to move. commissions, we have more than enough people on the commission. you want to cut that, mayor. instead of seven, it should be five. this is all in access and that is my best advice i can give you. thank you. -- access. this is the best advice -- excess. this is the best advice i can
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give you. [applause] >> good evening. to all of you department heads, i do not have many complaints because the neighborhood association, from pacific heights has come to address me on issues. i represent a neighborhood association. firstly, i would like to thank the police department for continuous patrols of our neighborhoods. we have about 1500 residents in the area with continuous police patrol. thank you to the fire department in your continue its maintenance around the neighborhood of the fire department's and accessories. " we would like to address is we have lost many from our neighborhoods because of housing. affordable housing is a main concern. when i moved into the neighborhood, our neighborhood
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was no different. affordable housing for families and seniors. two weeks ago i noticed that there were teenagers that could no longer afford to live in san francisco. with targets scheduled to move in the neighborhood, with planning and talking to targets we work with the city department to figure out what we would do with traffic congestion in the old corridor in the city center. that is something that we can work on as we move forward. these are things that we can work with the supervisor on, the police department, and fire department. thank you for convening a town hall. i think that they are great and
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i applaud the city leadership for doing this. thank you. [applause] >> my name is bernard. i have prepared a brief statement. the budget process that is taking place now is quite necessary, but not sufficient. as the mayor pointed out in his opening remarks, we are going to be faced, as the years,, with diminishing expectations from outside. local sustainability and self- reliance are going to be critical for our long-term survival. it is important that we not simply played the game of annual implementation and the fight of
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4000 self interests. we need to determine what kind of this city we want to have in the future and what the absolute scale of the requirement would be to sustain that city without expectation in outside support. then making it clear that the citizens of this city have an obligation to see to it that the skeleton is sustained. anything else that comes on top of that should be viewed as gravy. but you cannot let the skeleton died. -- die. [applause] >> thank you all for your comments. although legislative aides who are here tonight -- >> [inaudible] >> pardon me?
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>> ok, i did not receive anything. >> basically, ed lee, i love ed lee. sorry. it does, dear mr. mayor. my name is timothy edward doyle, social security number [unintelligible] in the ccap county adult limited assisted person recipient. my question is -- why has the fiscal figure not been tied to inflation or increased in the past 14 years? waxman name is richard.
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earlier i turned in a speaker card. >> ok. >> thank you. i want to have the department's attention. there are more smoke pot and flowers -- smoke pots than flowers in the square. recently the spacing was not fixed or replaced for the last week. i was going to speak about the congestion of traffic in stockton, but lots of speakers touch the subject.
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i went to the department of public works, who was supposed to monitor the sidewalks and streets. mainly these stores in stockton, they use the street as a storage area. they put boxes. many of those stores, they put the band's to facilitate their business. certainly, the goods are away from the premises. >> [inaudible] >> everyone is listening. we have many seniors walking the
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streets and buying this stuff. they are forced to walk on these streets to get by. mainly, mother with a baby carriage, also have to go out on the street. so, this problem, everybody know it for years. but the enforcement is due. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. we have time for one more, then we are really out of time. >> thank you for this meeting. it has been very informative. i'm glad i am last because i hardly dared to bring up my subjects. i wanted to come to question the department of public works about at an urban myth that i hear that there is a line item in the state budget mandating every year that a certain amount of
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money goes to urban center cities every year for the undergrounding of utilities. i bring that up because it is my wish list. i hate to bring it up with homelessness, hunger, crime, prostitution, but in the bond russian hill. half of russian hill is underground. the other half is really third world. so, some if there is a good deal of money, i would think that we could put it to good use there. thank you for this opportunity. >> thank you. [applause] i know the you have not all been heard tonight, but there will be plenty of budget hearings and discussions in the future. these people have been away from their -- they have been at the office all day and i think they have done a great job. i am going to leave this with
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david mr. mayor? >> let's give a hand to team up for her wonderful job tonight. thank you. thank you, latina. no pies were thrown. not yet. i want to thank everyone here that has joined. i took extensive notes, and it was worth it, because there were so many issues reflected in districts two and three. just because we could not give you an instant answer to your question does not mean we are not thinking about it. some of the questions are hard to answer in one setting. i know that one of you out there ask a question about whether we were thinking of new and additional revenues. because all the services that
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had been asked for and demanded tonight will cost more than what we are taking in right now we will have to think about some ideas of revenue. i wanted to let you know that i had been thinking about revenue ideas, along with these members of the board, on an ongoing basis, which is why i have been such a big supporter of local jobs. any company that wants to come here, if they are building were doing things, i want them to hire as many san franciscans as possible. if they get jobs, they will spend locally, which is how we support the local economy. i want you to know that i am a big fan of sf made. i want more things manufactured in the city. whether it is chocolates, fashion, accessories, things that we can sell. the more that we can manufacture
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in the city, we have lost blue- collar, we do not have that anymore, but there are other things that we can manufacture, including technology that has a chance for international markets. the other thing i am trying to do is make sure that our city appreciates the international status that we have. so that the more tourists who come here and take up the different events, be it the america's cup, or the fisherman's wharf, we have a chance to sell technology overseas and make that much more money. we are also thinking about how our economy can be better stabilized if we reorganized our whole payroll tax and make sure we are not punishing job creation in that we are creating the ability to have our own revenue stream even more sustained.
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so, these are just some of the ideas we are thinking about in terms of revenue generation. having said that, a big thank you to all of you coming out. i know that we will resonate much of the richness in the testimony tonight in the decisions that make. thank you very much, you definitely have our attention. [applause] >> i wanted to take a moment and thank you all for coming out tonight. i wanted to thank the mayor and the department heads for funding the priorities of district two and three. i wanted to talk about how the budget process and what it would entail. crafting the proposed budget for the fiscal year, the mayor will present this on june 1, and then the budget is in the hands of the board of supervisors. during the month of june we will
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have many hearings of the board of supervisors with the budget committee, led by my colleague. i should mention that for the next two months we will be holding hearings in preparation for the various decisions that we know will be coming down from the various departments. that is when we will hear from you and department heads and the budget committee will be making recommendations to the full board of supervisors. in the month of july, we will vote on the budget. for folks that want to receive more information about this, feel free to sign up to the newsletter's. feel free to visit our website, i know that the mayor and supervisor farrell, we have office hours. i do about six over the course of every month in every single neighborhood in this district. i want to thank the neighborhood
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associations represented here. not just for working with my office, but for the work you do in the community. i wanted to hand over the microphone for a final word from my colleague, supervisor farrell. >> thank you, everyone. thank you to the department heads for coming out tonight, and especially for our colleague, who had to go home to her family. in san francisco right now i think we are feeling a bit better about the economy, but the job that we have in front of us this year again, the reality is that our budget deficit is still close to $200 million. despite the fact that over the last year, since the mayor has been in office, unemployment has dropped by 2%, it is a great thing that we need to tout and be proud of in the city as it
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relates to the rest of the country, but this is still a time of closing budget gaps and dwindling resources. to echo what the mayor and the supervisor said, it is so important to hear from you tonight. for those of you that submitted but did not get to speak, we will be taking them back to city hall and it will all be read. thank you all for coming out tonight. two of the department heads. lastly, i will hand it over to our great moderator, tina. [applause] >> you all have gotten a lot of thank yous. thank you, from me. all of you, it is terrific you are coming out, being collaborative and having your voice is heard, because they are listened to. those cards will go right back to the appropriate department heads. thank you, like the mayor said,
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for not bringing i and throwing them. i have one announcement. doyle drive will be closed on april 27 through monday. april 27 -- my glasses. 27, 28, and 29, reopening of 5:00 a.m. on the 30th. this is just a heads up. they are bringing in heavy artillery things that will make a lot of noise. i hear that some of the equipment is coming from new york? new york. maybe it is a good weekend to stay in the city or whenever you want to do. that is a heads up. thank you for coming. good night. [applause]
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